Children’s Corner 11-26-11 |

Children’s Corner 11-26-11

It was fall now, and Fancy Pheasant had grownup a lot over the summer. However, she was still young enough that she lived with her Mama in a cornfield. They spent most of their time searching for food. Both of them enjoyed eating the kernels of corn that had fallen on the ground.

Fancy also enjoyed being with her friend Peppy Pheasant. She had known her for as long as she could remember. They were talking when a new rooster showed up at the cornfield. The young boy pheasant said, “Hi! My name is Foxy. I live in that hayfield over there.” He then pointed toward it with his wing, which had very colorful feathers on it.

Later that day, Fancy was just minding her own business and along came Foxy. He pulled her long brown, streaked black tail feathers. It hurt! Then, he ran away laughing. Fancy was speechless. She couldn’t understand why he did it. She hadn’t done anything to him. So why was he picking on her?

The next day, Fancy was resting in a bunch of weeds. She felt safe there. All of a sudden, she could tell something was sneaking up behind her. She was very frightened. She began flapping her wings rapidly. She made all kinds of racket as she took off flying. What happened next really surprised her. Foxy flew up beside her and shouted, “You’re funny when you get scared!”

“Don’t you scare me like that again!” she snapped back. “That wasn’t very nice!”

Foxy quickly flew off in another direction. She assumed that she had hurt his feelings. She really couldn’t understand why he was upset with her. After all, he was the one who had started it.

Fancy then spotted her friend Peppy on the ground. She landed beside her. “Something’s bothering me,” she said. “Have you noticed that Foxy keeps picking on me, but he doesn’t do that to you?”

“I have,” Peppy answered quickly.

Fancy noticed that her friend had a look in her eyes as if she wasn’t saying everything that she was thinking. “Well, tell me what you think is going on.”

“I’m guessing that he’s teasing you, because he has a crush on you,” Peppy replied.

“That’s just silly,” Fancy disagreed with her friend’s opinion. “If you like someone, why wouldn’t you be nice to them instead?”

Mama, who was nearby, had overheard their conversation. She ran up to the younger pheasants and said, “Peppy’s right. I’m certain he thinks you’re special. He’s just trying very hard to get your attention.”

“That a funny way to get someone to notice you,” Fancy replied. “I doubt that he’ll come back around here, though. I think I made him mad. He flew back toward the hayfield without saying a word.”

Such was not the case, however. The three pheasants were still huddled up in a group talking when Foxy came running by. He looked directly at Fancy and said, “Look how fast I can run.”

In fact, he was running so fast and not watching where he was going that he tripped over a dried cornstalk. His momentum carried him over head first. He landed on the ground with a thud. He quickly got up and shook his head. Dust came puffing out of his brilliant colored feathers.

It was so funny that Fancy, Peppy and Mama Pheasant burst out laughing. Finally, Mama stopped chuckling and said, “He sure made a fool out of himself.”

“Yeah, but I do feel sorry for him,” Fancy replied. She then ran over to Foxy and asked, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, except my feelings are hurt. I feel like such a fool,” he said, looking very embarrassed.

“You don’t need to feel that way,” Fancy said. “Even though you are a boy, I would still like to be your friend. That is if you agree to quit picking on me all the time.”

“I can do that,” he said gladly, “even if you are a girl.”

And that is how the two pheasants became friends.

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