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Choose Colorado Forestry Products

Coloradans can help their forests this year by choosing home-grown Yule logs and trees that support our state’s forestry efforts.

“Choosing native Christmas trees and firewood make for a very Colorado Christmas, but such choices can also ultimately reduce the cost of forest management,” said Tim Reader, a utilization and marketing forester with the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS). “We’ve tried to make that as easy as possible for Colorado consumers this year with Google maps of available retail outlets for firewood and holiday trees.”

Firewood and Christmas trees typically use some of the smallest-diameter materials coming from our forests, and removal of such material can be an important element in creating healthy forests that are resistant to insects and disease, Reader said. Imported firewood can also bring insects and disease into the state that threaten both natural and urban forests.

Colorado Forest Products Web site ( has updated links on most Christmas tree cutting areas, as well as information on retailers who sell native trees and locations to buy both bulk and bundled firewood. CFP is a consumer outreach program funded by CSFS that helps local businesses involved in forestry efforts market products coming from those efforts.

“Cutting your own Christmas tree is a time-honored Colorado tradition, and a great way for residents to get involved with the health of their forests,” Reader said. “But buying a tree from a native tree retailer can support even more focused forestry efforts that require a single contractor working a stand.”


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