Christmas ideas at your extension office |

Christmas ideas at your extension office

Richard Snell
Barton County Extension Agent

Hopefully the weather is putting you in the Christmas spirit as opposed to what a pain it is to get around in or how it affects the animals and us. Having said that, most of you know I hate winter or at least the cold. Christmas and basketball are about the only things I like about it.

Here are some gift ideas. One item is the famous red pocket beef booklets for $5 but we also have a free beef calving record book, that is not as detailed and has less information but still allows you to keep calf records.

The next one may not be worthy as a gift but it could be. It is the Kansas Farm Account Book. If you still do your books with a pencil (there´s nothing wrong with that), these are a necessity for the farmer. These sell for $3.00 each. The Kansas Farm Account Book is a loose leaf system with pages for receipts, expenses, inventories, crop, and livestock records for a full calendar or fiscal year. The categories are set up to follow the Federal Income Tax Farm Schedule. Extra pages can be added or removed easily. There is a binder available as well. This is the last “cost” item I will mention in this article. All the others are free.

While on the subject of account books, we also offer family account books for keeping your records and budgets. We have two versions of this. We have a few copies of old version legal sized loose leaf for $3. The only difference between the new, which is $5, and the old, is the old ones still say 19__ instead of 20__ for the year, which won’t affect your accounting.

Other items include copies of production handbooks from K-State on corn, wheat, grain sorghum, soybeans, alfalfa, and sunflowers. We have two different sizes of pesticide record keeping books that will help farmers comply with the pesticide record law. These items are all free.

Then we get into the 3-ring loose leaf notebooks that can be purchased and periodically updated. The first one is the Kansas Farm Management and Marketing Handbook. It contains crop and livestock budgets plus many financial management tools such as income statements, cash flow sheets, balance sheets, marketing pamphlets and other information sheets. Its cost is $75 for the notebook and 3 years worth of updates.

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