CLA names Safe Farm Award winners


GREELEY, Colo. — The Colorado Livestock Association would like to recognize those members and safety group participants, who have an outstanding safety record, with Colorado Livestock Association’s Safe Farm Award.

Safe Farm Award Recipients are: Christensen Bros. Inc., Weldona, Colo.; Dvorak Feeders, Burlington, Colo.; McClary Farms, Sedgwick, Colo.; Shea Feedlot, Delta, Colo.

The Safe Farm Award recipients were chosen based on several factors. The criteria includes: member of the CLA safety group for at least two years, an active cost containment certification, two years of a loss ratio less than 25 percent, average two days or less to report claims, meets their designated medical provider requirements.

Since 2001, the CLA’s Safety Group Program has paid out over $1.6 million in Safety Group Dividends to its policyholders.

The CLA Safety Group Program has been in place since 2001 and benefits its members by: Reducing Worker’s Compensation Premiums by promoting Safety and Claims Management in the Workplace; Providing an upfront 4% discount on your Worker’s Compensation Premium; Offering CLA Safety Group Policyholders the eligibility for a Safety Group Dividend, which is evaluated based on the overall performance of the CLA Safety Group and individual policyholders

Improving Risk Management and Loss Control; Aligning Industry Specific Safety Trainings and Materials; Providing Individualized Service from the CLA Safety Group Pinnacol Service Team.

Call the CLA office at (970) 378-0500, if you are interested in joining the CLA Safety group, or if you have questions about your safety program.


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