Colleges, universities to blame for anti-Semitic student behavior

There is a problem here in the United States and it seems to have started on college campuses across the country.

It’s appalling to me that many college students, who were so concerned about misgendering people and needing to have a safe space are now cheering on Hamas, a terrorist group that butchered Jewish people as they attempt to ultimately wipe them off the face of the Earth. These weren’t soldiers that the Hamas was fighting they were civilians, including babies and women, who were just going about their lives. The methods Hamas used to kill these people is so heinous that they can’t show their actions on television.

These students are holding rallies opposed to Israel striking back at Hamas and saying things like “Hitler was right!”

This is unacceptable, but for some not surprising. When I went to college in the 80s it was well-known that most if not all our professors were liberal or as we say today progressive. But it wasn’t as overt as it is today.

They are teaching young people to hate our country and people in this country who they think are privileged. And God help you if you are conservative because your voice will be silenced.

I’m not saying all colleges and universities have these views but looking at the rallies occurring on campuses it’s not hard to figure out where these views have originated.

In fact, the Mountain States Legal Foundation is demanding that the University of Utah respect the First Amendment after “targeting and shutting down conservative groups such as Young America’s Foundation.”

If I had college-age children, I would be very careful today about where they decide to go to college. If you are a parent, there is a resource for you that explains how universities are indoctrinating young people.

I recently received a copy of Kristine Kay Sposato’s book “Student Voices Silenced” that explains how students and parents can deal with the biases on college and university campuses.

Sposato, who was raised in Osceola, Wis., has two decades of experience in higher education.

In her book she provides examples of how not just students but educators who lean conservative are treated on college campuses.

According to Sposato, “These are stories of being silenced, marginalized, and ridiculed in a hostile academic environment. You’ll hear from professors who refuse to openly acknowledge their own conservative views, students whose classmates openly ridicule them, and parents who face the heartbreaking reality that college may harm their children more than it helps them.”

If you are one of these professors, students, or parents, you can reach Sposato or download a free copy of her “College Survival Guide for Conservatives: 5 Easy and Practical Tips for Parents” at http://www.RISEStudent

There are other avenues future college students, and their parents can take. A good example, is a story in this week’s publication called “Nebraska’s Concordia University launches program incorporating land, livestock and faith.” You can read it starting on page 22.

I’m sure there are many colleges and universities that prioritize God and the Bible, if you are concerned about what your children will learn in college.

I’m not just concerned about conservative students but also liberal students who are suddenly chanting Nazi sentiments about the Jewish people, their moral compasses are in desperate need of adjustment.

I understand that many others are worried about the lives of innocent Palestinians who have nothing to do with Hamas, but the Israelis are well-aware of their presence and are doing everything in their power to limit civilian casualties. The problem is that Hamas uses their own people as human shields and place them in areas where they know it is going to be problematic for Israeli soldiers.

If you are God-fearing people like I know you are, please pray for the people of Israel and Palestine and include college and university students — those in the crosshairs of anti-Semites and those anti-Semites who will wake up one day and wonder how they could have been so blind.

We will be praying for our veterans this weekend as we do everyday, especially those based in the Middle East.

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