Colo. farmers and ranchers’ group: Let’s ’Meat & Eat’ for real |

Colo. farmers and ranchers’ group: Let’s ’Meat & Eat’ for real

Food trucks to serve 1,200 free meals Saturday, March 20

DENVER — A group of Colorado farmers and ranchers, outraged over Gov. Jared Polis’ proclamation to skip meat this Saturday — refuse to sit idle and do nada.

Dollars were rounded up and an action plan was developed. Now. It is official.

Announcing “Meat & Eat Denver!”

Ten food trucks are on stand by, ready to fill empty bellies on Saturday, March 20, 2021, near Denver’s Civic Center Park at 101 West 14th Ave. from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. “Meat & Eat” organizer Andrew Timmerman expects food truck cooks to serve up 1,200 meals — from burgers, tacos, gyros and more — at no cost to the public.

“We’re ecstatic to give back to Denver, in a huge way! Everybody is welcome here for the good eat, drink and conversation. Denver’s homeless population, the unemployed, first responders, meat lovers — really anybody hungry for real bonafide beef, pork, chicken, fresh vegetables, and tasty cheese,” said Timmerman, who manages Timmerman Feeding Co. out of Sterling.

Besides partaking in great eat, attendees can expect to hear an earful concerning Gov. Polis’ “MeatOut” bologna.

To schedule a face-to-face or virtual interview, please direct inquiries to Susan Stern in Denver at (402) 212-7489.


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