Colorado bill directs CDA to study the use of hemp in animal feed |

Colorado bill directs CDA to study the use of hemp in animal feed

Mike Sullivan smiles as he shows off some of the hemp feed product Wednesday while at his home in Johnstown. The Hemp Animal Feed Bill would allow farmers to start using hemp feed to supplement their livestock as a part of the study.
Joshua Polson/ | The Greeley Tribune

Industrial Hemp Animal Feed

Senate Bill 109, sponsored by Sen. Kerry Donovan and Rep. Jeni Arndt, creates a group to study the inclusion of hemp products in animal feed. The group, headed by the commissioner of agriculture, would include a hemp producer, a hemp processor, a legal expert, a person from an institution of high education who’s studied hemp policy, a veterinarian, a livestock producer and anyone the commissioner determines useful to understanding other implications of hemp’s inclusion in animal feed. The group would make recommendations by Dec. 31. The bill passed the Senate 34-0 in February. Last week, it passed the House 63-0.


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