Colorado Crop Progress report shows uptick in planting, positive outlook across the board |

Colorado Crop Progress report shows uptick in planting, positive outlook across the board

With dry weather and cool temperatures, farmers finally had the chance to get out in the fields and make up for deficits the state faced in planting progress at the beginning of April.

In last week’s Colorado Crop Progress and Condition report released by the National Agricultural Statistics Service, most crops listed were significantly behind the five-year average for planting progress. Though this week’s report shows the majority of the crops still lagging behind the average, they made gains from last week.

For example, as of April 3, only 7 percent of the state’s barley had been planted, while the five-year average indicates that as of early April, about 19 percent of the crop is in the ground. As of April 10, though, about 14 percent of barley is planted, half of the five-year average for the middle of April, according to the crop report.

As of April 11, Colorado’s snowpack was at 89 percent of the historic average, according to the NASS report, and more than 65 percent of the state’s topsoil and subsoil was found to have either adequate or surplus moisture, ahead of less than 50 percent on average for this time of year.

Pasture and rangeland is doing well, too, with about 40 percent in good or excellent condition, nearly double the historic average, the report said.

Eighty-six percent of livestock is rated good or excellent, ahead of the average. Winter wheat condition is also doing better than average, with more than half the crop ranked good or excellent, compared with about 30 percent over the past five years, according to the report.

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