Colorado Farm Show presents: |

Colorado Farm Show presents:

Tuesday, January 29 ” beef day

Community Building, Meeting Room

10:00 am Can You Afford Minerals for Your Range Cows?

Randy Peone, Range Cow Specialist, Purina Mills

How much is enough? Do you really need to offer minerals? What are the benefits? Randy will answer these and many other questions at this hour seminar. It may surprise you how inexpensive a good program will cost and what fantastic benefits you may be missing.

1:00 pm Beef in the Age of the Internet

Tonya Orr, Agtown Technologies

Jim Odle, Superior Livestock

Al Perez, ConAgra

Jo Dexter, Research Management


The beef industry is changing rapidly. All classes of cattle are being bought and sold through the internet. Carcass and genetic information, as well as industry-wide data is becoming more valuable. Individual animal tracking”through DNA and retinal scanning”is becoming practical. To stay competitive, producers are having to sort through more information to make management decisions.

The internet is the vehicle for much of this information exchange. Whether it’s cattle auctions, herd tracking and performance information, seed stock marketing or industry updates, more and more of this information is being carried via the Internet.

Come join us for a presentation and discussion of how the internet is impacting the beef industry.

Tuesday, January 29 ” ag day

Community Building, Lobby

9:15 am American Agriculture – 2002

Jim Moseley,

Deputy Secretary of Agriculture

Deputy Secretary Moseley will open the show in the new Community Building lobby with comments and discussion in the areas of farm bill, free trade authority, safe-food, farming and environmental stewardship, bio-terrorism, and prospects for profit. Moseley oversees the day-to-day activities of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. An Indiana farmer with 32 years of hands-on farm experience, he has played a key role in developing public policy for agriculture.

Exhibition Building

10:00 am Farm Inputs from Wall Street

Lara Palevitz, Ph.D.

Come hear Lara Palevitz, equity research analyst at UBS PaineWebber, provide a Wall Street perspective on the outlook for agricultural biotechnology and the latest trends in the consolidating agricultural chemicals industry.

Exhibition Building

1:30 – “Risk and Resilience.”

3:30 pm

– Assessing Risk in Your Operation Dennis Kaan, Agricultural and Business Management Specialist, Golden Plains Region; Assessing risk in production, marketing, financial, legal, and human resources.

– Human Relations Aspects Bob Fetch, Ph.D., Farm and Ranch Management Specialist, Colorado State University; Listening, communication, problem solving, and effective decision making when managing people.

– Steps and Strategies of Estate Planning Norm Dahlstead, Ph.D., Human Development and Family Studies, Colorado State University. Current federal tax laws and the estate planning process.

Wednesday, Jan. 30 ” partners in ag

Community Building, Meeting Room

10:00 am You Can Effect Public Policy

Representative Diane Hope, Chair Agricultural Committee

Russell George, Division of Wildlife Director

Ken Morgan, Farm Bureau Director of Leadership


This panel of Colorado leaders will offer tips on getting your opinion heard. Suggestions on who to contact and how to best communicate for your cause, whether it be personal, or for an organization. Be prepared to be inspired because this group hopes to enlighten your thoughts and motivate your actions toward effectiveness.

1:00 pm Colorado Teen Ambassador

Lana Rady

Miss Rady is the Colorado CattleWomen Teen Ambassador and will present her speech on beef nutrition. This is the talk with which she competed at both the state and national competitions.

1:30 pm Priority Shuffle

Marguerite Ham

Felt like you did not know what to do first? Had challenges balancing work, community commitments, personal and family life? You can handle it all and reach your peak performance. Accomplish more with less stress, less effort, less time and less money by knowing which priorities and tasks are most important and how to accomplish them. Learning these tips will keep you in balance.

Marguerite Ham is a business coach, trainer and memory expert. Her training has improved the effectiveness in organizations such as: Lucent Technologies, TRW, Lockheed Martin, FDIC, and QWest. This training is the result of many years of innovative research and refining the program to supercharge your mind.

Wednesday, Jan. 30 ” dairy days

Exhibition Building

Morning Moderator: Arlan Marrs,


9:00 am Registration

9:20 am Early Bird Registration and Drawing

(chance for trip voucher)

9:25 am Welcome to

Dairy Days

Mark Hillman, State Senator,

Ag Committee

9:45 am Milk Marketing Dynamics

David Jones, Chief Operations Officer, DFA,

Southwest/Mountain Councils

10:20 am Milking Parlor Protocols”Can You Milk More Cows/Hour?

Dr. John Smith, KSU Dairy Team, Manhattan, KS

11:40 am Drawing and Lunch-Visit Exhibits

(chance for trip voucher)

Afternoon Moderator: Dan Trimberger,

Colorado Dept. of Health”Milk and Food Inspection

1:15 pm Early Bird Registration and Drawing

(chance for trip voucher)

1:25 pm Livestock Odor, Regulations and Resolutions

Dr. Wendy Powers,

Iowa State University

Dr. Theo Van Kempen

North Carolina

State University

3:30 pm Drawing-$600

Trip Voucher

Thursday, Jan. 31 ” dairy days

Exhibition Building, Upstairs

Morning Moderator: Jim Docheff Jr.,

Dairy Farmer, Mead, CO

9:00 am Registration

9:20 am Early Bird Registration and Drawing

(chance for trip voucher)

9:30 am Your Check-Off $$$”What’s New With Promotion, Research and Education

Les Hardesty, President WDPA

Thomas Jenkinson, General Manager, WDPA

10:00 am Milk Quality”How to Improve with Help

of a Milk Quality Culture Lab!

Dr. Michaelyn Harris, Chino, CA

11:00 am Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome

(Bloody Gut)

Dr. Sam Harrington, Technical Service Veterinarian,

Pfizer Animal Health

11:30 am Drawing and Lunch-Visit Exhibits

(chance for trip voucher)

Afternoon Moderator: Chris Kraft,

Dairy Farmer, Ft. Morgan, CO

1:15 pm Early Bird Registration and Drawing

(chance for trip voucher)

1:20 pm Pregnancy Rates”What is Yours and Why is it So Low or Do You Have Too Many PG Cows?

Dr. J. D. Olson, Dairy Technical Service Consultant

Pharmacia Animal Health

2:20 pm On-Farm Rendering/Composting Dead Farm Animals”How and Why?

Dr. Chris Ashworth,

Monsanto Dairy Business, St. Louis, MO

3:30 pm Drawing-$600 Trip Voucher

Thursday, Jan. 31 ” equine day

4-H Building

10:00 am Learning About the Horse’s Hoof

Gene Ovnicek

Every horse has the potential to benefit from a Natural Balance Trim, but what is it? This morning session will help you to understand the term Natural Balance and how it can benefit your horses. The training will also go into the topics of basic anatomy and physiology, laminitis, navicular, rolled toe shoeing, break over shoe and steel vs. aluminum shoes.

Gene Ovnicek is nationally and internationally recognized as a farrier, clinician, researcher as well as a member of numerous groundbreaking research projects. Gene is looked at as a key contributor to the ongoing advancement of the farrier sciences. The information gathered from the wild horse hoof patterns observed from the study led to the development of the hoof care methods of Natural Balance for trimming and shoeing (a.k.a. Wild Horse Trim and Natural Trim). More recent developments of this Natural Balance information include the Natural Balance Shoes and the Equine Digit Support System, which is used in the treatment of lower limb pathologies.

Outdoor Pavilion

1:00 pm Trimming/Shoeing Demonstration

Gene Ovnicek

This afternoon session will afford the participants the opportunity to see Gene demonstrate his knowledge and skills on a live horse. It will be outside so dress appropriately. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the latest scientific findings and ways to keep your equine friends performing at their optimal level of soundness.

Gene Ovnicek and the Natural Balance information have been published in numerous magazines, journals, and associated press articles. The wild horse research materials, as well as the Natural Balance guidelines are published in the book, “New Hope for Soundness.”

Thursday, Jan. 31 ” partners in ag

Community Building, Meeting Room

10:00 am Meetings That Sizzle

Marguerite Ham

Ever found yourself leaving a meeting and know you were just tangled in the tumbleweeds? This seminar is designed to prepare you to get more from attending meetings and teach you how to give back. Topics will include: prepare and organize for a meeting, discover protocol and Robert’s Rules, getting more people involved and how to ask questions and submit ideas.

Anyone who attends any meeting will benefit from this seminar”it is not geared toward just the president, boss, or head honcho. This interactive workshop will help you discover how to be effective at any meeting.


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