Colorado Independent CattleGrowers Head West |

Colorado Independent CattleGrowers Head West

Members of the Colorado Independent CattleGrowers Association (CICA) throughout the state are hitching up their wagons and heading to the Fourth Annual CICA Convention north of Cortez, Colo., at the Arriola Community Center. The convention is scheduled for July 25, 2009.

The directors of the Colorado Independent Cattle Growers Association have collaborated to make this year’s day-long convention entertaining, encouraging, and informative, featuring talented and visionary speakers such as Danny Martinez and G.B. Oliver of Paragon Foundation, Alamogordo, N.M.; Dr. Taylor Haynes of R-CALF USA, Cheyenne, Wyo., and Bill Bullard, CEO of R-CALF USA, Billings, Mont. At the conclusion of each keynote speech address, audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions.

All of Colorado’s elected officials have received invitations to the convention, in hopes that if they themselves are unable to attend, they will send representatives. CICA President John Reid, Ordway, Colo., is excited about the possible turnout at the convention. “The southwest corner of Colorado holds a large percentage of members for CICA. We are very honored to hold our convention this year near Cortez in the Arriola community,” mentioned Reid.

July 25th’s events will include working group meetings, addressing everything from Private Property Rights to Industry Pressures. Also on the itinerary are live and silent auctions, election of officers, and catered beef luncheon and dinner. The following morning, a Cowboy Church service will be offered and a tour of the area ranches.

Every year the Colorado Independent Cattle Growers Association hold their convention in rural areas all around the state, celebrating the grassroots members that breathe life into the association. This year’s convention highlights the beautiful southwestern corner of the state and the strong minded cattlemen and cattlewomen who keep it thriving and independent!

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