Colorado offers wondrous gifts |

Colorado offers wondrous gifts

Woke up this morning to blowing snow

Thought “Can’t work outside … way too cold!

What’ll I do then? Oh Yes, I know!

The Christmas letter!

Something new? Something bold?”

Let’s reflect on our Colorado state!

January to March is a little cold and wet

The Stock Show news seems to dominate

And April and May are iffy at best.

But then comes June and we come alive.

With the grass, flowers and trees all in bloom

Farmers planting crops and the birds arrive.

And before we know it, it will be summer soon!

July and August … a little hot and always sunny

You couldn’t enjoy any place more

for any kind of money!

We slide into fall … September and October

The bounty of harvest …

one of God’s small wonders.

And then November brings a hint of winter

Never too threatening … just a shiver.

And once again we’ve come full circle

In December, Colorado is in a snow filled slumber

With bright, white snow that seems to sparkle

Letting us dream of nature’s seasonal wonders.

Give thanks to above for these wondrous gifts

As they’re free for all …

not on any Christmas shopping list!

Wishing Peace and Goodwill to You and Yours.

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