Colorado onion packer adopts ninja program |

Colorado onion packer adopts ninja program

Consumers and onion buyers will see a fun new character on their bags of onions from Paradigm Fresh in Colorado.

The onion packer, based in Fort Morgan in eastern Colorado, has created new labels for his consumer packages. The labels show Nature’s Ninja, a new character created by the National Onion Association to bring attention to the many “ninja-like” qualities of the onion — everything from its nutrition and health benefits to its zero waste sustainability.

“I’m clearly biased, but I think we did a very nice job of creating a label that is colorful, fun, appealing to the eye as an entire package and hopefully that will translate to great movement and requests for this label specifically,” said John Harris, owner of Paradigm Fresh, based out of Fort Morgan, Colo. “They are very kid friendly, as well, which is never a bad thing.”

Each label has a different color for each onion in the bag, with a different color of the Ninja character.

• A white ninja on a blue label appears on bags of white onions.

• A red ninja appears on a red label for red onions.

• A light yellow ninja with a purple label appears on bags of sweet onions.

• And a yellow ninja on a yellow label appears for yellow onions.

“I really bought into Nature’s Ninja and the possible opportunity that I feel like it presents to helping the NOA reach a larger number of people by getting it onto our labels and out on the store shelves,” Harris said.

“Brand recognition is enormous in the food industry,” Harris said. “This is a step in a direction at creating a brand that we can all use as members to help market and support. This to me is an opportunity to benefit all of us that are NOA members if we can get some buy-in from enough packers.”

Bags of onions with the labels already are arriving in the marketplace.

Paradigm Fresh recently moved to Fort Morgan from Denver. “The continued addition of business due to our prime shipping location only adds opportunity for us to get these Ninjas in more and more households.”

Paradigm Fresh focuses on service from the beginning of a purchase through to the final delivery. We expect your experience with us to be smooth from start to finish. They offer:

• Year-round onion packing and distribution.

• Top-of-the-line packing equipment for cartons and consumer bags.

• Fulfillment for all types of retail requests, even on short notice.

• Delivery capability across most of the U.S. within 72 hours.

• Service to all regions including import/export to and from Canada and Mexico. ❖