Colorado, U.S. corn production down in 2015 |

Colorado, U.S. corn production down in 2015

Last year, Colorado’s corn yields, acreage and overall production took a dip from 2014.

In 2015, the state’s corn farmers harvested about 135 million bushels of corn from 950,000 acres, according to a news release issued Jan. 14 from Colorado Corn.

Farmers brought in 142 bushels per acre, four less than the previous year. However, just two months ago, harvest forecasts projected 2015’s harvest at near-record highs of 158 bushels per acre and a total production of more than 151 million bushels, according to the release. Fall weather kept that from happening, though.

Lower Colorado yields were consistent with lower numbers across the U.S. The average yield nationally dropped by about 2.5 bushels in 2015 and saw total production fall by more than half a billion bushels, according to the release.

Corn for silage acres harvested in Colorado were up by 10,000 acres this year, though, and yields were at an all time high. Overall production in Colorado and across the nation for corn for silage also saw an increase.

-Staff reports

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