Colorado Wheat Field Days Schedule |

Colorado Wheat Field Days Schedule

Monday, June 9

Walsh 9 a.m.

Plainsman Research Center, Baca

County (Refreshments sponsored by

Miles Swanson, Baca Crop Care


Lamar 12 p.m.

John Stulp Farm, Prowers County

Lunch provided

Brandon 5 p.m.

Burl Scherler Farm, Kiowa County

(Dinner sponsored by Cargill-

Cheyenne Wells)

Tuesday, June 10

Burlington 10 a.m.

Randy Wilks Farm, Kit Carson

County (Refreshments sponsored

by Stratton Co-op)

Genoa 12 p.m.

Ross Hansen Farm, Lincoln

County (Lunch sponsored by


Bennett 5 p.m.

John Sauter Farm, Adams County

(Dinner sponsored by Adams County


Wednesday, June 11

Yuma 8 a.m.

Andrews Brothers Farm, Yuma

County (Light breakfast provided by

Sara Olsen)

Julesburg 12 p.m.

Jim Carlson Farm, Sedgwick

County (Lunch provided)

Haxtun (Irrigated) 4 p.m.

Steve Smith Farm, Phillips County

(Dinner sponsored by Grainland


Wednesday, June 18

Akron 7:30 a.m.

Great Plains Research Station,

Washington County (all day event)


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