Colorado’s Jordan Cattle Co.’s range management poster honored by SRM |

Colorado’s Jordan Cattle Co.’s range management poster honored by SRM

Five ranchers’ posters were presented for the 2018 Excellence in Range Management (ERM) posters. The posters were presented during the 2018 annual conference of the Society for Range Management held in Sparks, Nev., Jan. 28-Feb. 2. The theme of the conference was Empowerment through Applied Science. The Jordan Cattle Company of Briggsdale, Colo., was one of the posters presented at the conference.

Each of the 21 SRM Sections can enter a poster representing a ranch that was honored by that SRM Section for notable accomplishments in range management. The Colorado Section SRM was pleased to enter the Jordan Cattle Company as its 2017 Excellence in Rangeland Conservation awardee. The abstract for the poster highlighted the holistic rangeland and grazing management philosophy being implemented by the Jordan family. The poster was titled “Range Stewardship as an Expression of Gratitude.” It was developed by Emmett Jordan, of the Jordan Cattle Company in Briggsdale, Colo. The abstract for the poster read as follows:

The Jordan Cattle Company manages 11,000 acres of deeded and leased shortgrass prairie in northeast Colorado with the goal of balancing ecological, social and financial metrics of success. Short graze periods with higher stock densities, combined with long recovery times, are used to encourage plant diversity, improve soil health and make better use of the 11-12 inches of annual rainfall. As much as possible, cattle operations are timed and developed as a reflection of natural processes to improve water, energy and nutrient cycling on the land. Our commitment is to leave every acre we manage better than we found it.

There will be an informative tour of the Jordan Cattle Company ranch this spring to inform and educate SRM members and others about the outstanding rangeland conservation and holistic grazing practices being implemented on the ranch. Refer to the CO Section SRM website at for details regarding this educational event.


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