Come to the Yesteryear Farm Show, August 28-30 |

Come to the Yesteryear Farm Show, August 28-30

Dave Brown

Here is an excellent idea for an enjoyable weekend – come to the Yesteryear Farm Show at the Dougherty Museum in Longmont, Colo. The Dougherty museum has a very diverse display of unique items and has an exceptionally nice array of old agricultural items as well. The Yesteryear Show, a three day annual event, is conducted at the Dougherty Museum by volunteers and joined by many other like-minded exhibitors who happen to enjoy collecting, showing and demonstrating old farm tractors and tools, and a great deal more, too. And it isn’t just for guys, either, there will be things there of interest to ladies as well. We never know for sure just who or what might show up, but here is a sampling of what is normally at our show:

Antique tractors, antique farm equipment, stationary engines (hit and miss), steam traction engines, garden tractors, horse drawn machinery, scale model engines and hand- made scaled down trucks, tractors and equipment, demonstrations of threshing and stationary baling, yarn spinning, barrel making, blacksmithing demonstrations, displays of old items from the home such as antique washing machines, old widgets and gadgets from Grandma’s kitchen, collections of old tools and wrenches, old military equipment, old cars and trucks, antique Caterpillar tractors and industrial tractors, antique motorbikes, etc., etc, – all displayed by some very interesting and fun folks to talk to! Actually, some of the exhibitors are even more interesting than their displays!

We do have a great bunch of exhibitors and visitors, and we’d like to extend an invitation to all of you to join in the fun. You are more than welcome to bring any exhibit you think might fit the theme I’ve presented, or if you’d like to come just to see everything, that’s fine, too.

Entry to the museum is $5.00 for adults, and $3.00 for children 6 to 12 years old, and a visit to this museum is well worth the price of admission. The Yesteryear Show, held outside the museum, is FREE. There are no entry fees, no parking fees, no strings attached – just come and enjoy!

The Yesteryear Farm Show is held at the Dougherty Museum on U.S. Highway 287, just about a mile south of Longmont, Colo.

For more information, please contact Harvey Nelson at (303) 776-5171 or Dave Brown at (303) 776-9859.


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