Connie Miller celebrates 100 years |

Connie Miller celebrates 100 years

Connie Miller celebrates her 100th birthday with her children. From left: Jean Agee, Bill Miller and Marie Jensen.

Connie Miller was born in Hay Springs, Neb., population about 200, on Dec. 30, 1809, over 100 years ago. Connie said she was educated in school in Hay Springs and then taught in Sheridan County rural schools for 30 years. “One of my 8th graders wanted to marry me, but he didn’t get the job done,” she laughs.

Summer came and Connie married Bill Miller moving to the country near Olerichs, S.D., where they raised sheep and cattle. They became parents of Marie who lives in Illinois as a registered nurse, Willy who took over the farm/ranch operation and Jean a teacher in Wyoming. They all came to Chadron to visit their mother and to celebrate a good 100 years with cake and coffee or punch to a large crowd of family and friends.

Connie is a chipper lady who is still sharp as can be. She tells me when I visit her, “I’m too old to die young.” Then she laughs again. Another quote when she woke from a nap was, “Old dogs need lots of sleep.”

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