Cora Wood wows 2012 Black Hills Stock Show attendees by singing, yodeling |

Cora Wood wows 2012 Black Hills Stock Show attendees by singing, yodeling

Cora Wood, singer, songwriter and future race horse jockey with her new CD "Cora's Cowgirl Yodel" during the Black Hills Stock Show.

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Sweet western tunes and an occasional yodel filled the air before each event at the 2012 Black Hills Stock Show (BHSS). Spectators searched for the singer responsible for these tunes, but found nothing more than a 4-foot-tall cowgirl – Cora Wood.

Wood is the 10-year-old daughter of Laurie and Doug Wood from Garryowen, Mont. Her age and size are no indicators of singing abilities this young lady has. Wood sings yodels and writes songs that she performs. Her career began six years ago when she was asked to sing at a local rodeo.

“I really don’t know how I began singing, I did it all the time when working on the ranch and then was asked to sing at a rodeo and really like it,” Wood said.

Once Wood’s family knew she was serious about singing for various events they began to search for set lists and different songs that she could sing as well as her own pieces. Her favorite song to sing is the National Anthem.

Before Wood’s parents would let her sing the National Anthem, they helped her understand the true meaning behind the song.

“We wanted her to understand why the song was written for this nation,” Laurie Wood said. “Now that she does, this is the song she requests to sing at events as it has a very large meaning to her to offer something back to her country.”

Laurie not only travels with her daughter to events, she sometimes even plays the guitar while her daughter sings. The Wood family philosophy is to not push the young singer, but let her make the decision to do it herself.

“It’s amazing to watch the looks on people’s faces when they realize it’s Cora singing. They stop and smile in awe that she is this young and already so talented,” Laurie Wood explained.

Singing isn’t all that this little cowgirl hopes to achieve. When she is older, she hopes to become a race horse jockey.

“I have always loved speed. There has never been a fast enough horse on the ranch. If I want to ride on the wind someday I figure racing horses is the closest I could get to that,” Cora said.

Wood was invited to attend the BHSS and showcase her musical talents after being scouted during the North International Livestock Exposition (NILE), in Billings, Mont. She also was the recipient of the 2009-2010 Young Yodeler of the Year award by the Western Music Association.

Wood released her first CD in May 2011 called “Cora’s Cowgirl Yodel.”

To purchase a copy, please visit

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