Corn Refiners rebrands with new logo, website |

Corn Refiners rebrands with new logo, website

The new logo of the Corn Refiners Association

The Corn Refiners Association unveiled a new logo in the form of a kernel that is intended to emphasizes the broad role that refined corn plays in everyday American life.

Critics often denounce the spread of corn acreage in the United States and campaigns against high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) have led to declining consumer popularity and use by food companies.

CRA is still defending and promoting HFCS but is now pointing out that corn has many other uses.

In a news release, CRA said corn can be used in many products because the kernel is separated into its component parts — starch, protein, oil and fiber — which are then turned into products such as cornstarch, corn oil, sweeteners, advanced bioproducts, protein and animal feed.

CRA noted that the new logo “starts with two different shades of green, designed to evoke the leaves of the corn plant and also to reinforce the sustainability of corn products, and thus the benefit to the environment.”

“Together, the two shades of green form a square box that surrounds a single, yellow kernel — symbolic for the idea that corn products are often the product within the product — rarely seen, but essential.

“Finally, at the center of the logo is a single kernel, colored in different shades of yellow and white, emphasizing that dent corn is different than the sweet corn that we eat, and also representing the different component parts of the kernel.”

“We call corn nature’s renewable building block,” CRA President and CEO John Bode said in the news release.

“Corn products can be found everywhere, in nearly everything. They make our food taste better and our cosmetics last longer, they make our plastics more environmentally friendly and our medicines easier to swallow. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed, corn is the powerhouse ingredient inside hundreds of consumer products and industrial processes.”

CRA Chairman Christopher Cuddy, an executive with Archer Daniels Midland, added, “Innovation has long been the backbone of the corn products industry.”

“Today, corn is being used to create low-calorie and no-calorie sweeteners, contributing to a healthier diet. And, scientists continue to find new and groundbreaking uses in places you might never imagine — from renewable materials to advanced bioproducts, from 3-D printing inks to biomedical nanotechnology.”

ADM is one of the five member companies that make up CRA. The others are Cargill, Ingredion Incorporated, Roquette America Inc., and Tate and Lyle Americas. Together they have plants in 10 states that employ 8,000 people and refine half a billion bushels of corn per year, about 10 percent of the U.S. corn crop. The companies also have plants throughout the world.

CRA also redesigned its website to include a “Kernel of Innovation” section focused on the variety of products that contain corn, from tortilla chips to surgical dressings.

The organization also has relocated its offices to 1701 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. in Washington and designed the space to educate visitors by using corn products throughout.

“Corn is found in the walls, flooring, chairs and in the compostable serviceware in the kitchen, among other places,” CRA said in the news release. ❖

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