Cotton Council establishes sustainability standards |

Cotton Council establishes sustainability standards

The National Cotton Council has established the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, by which cotton growers can assess their performance against specific sustainability goals, and appointed a board of directors and advisers to run it.

“Through robust data inputs, the Trust Protocol will add confidence throughout the supply chain – positioning U.S. cotton as the responsible choice for mills and retailers,” NCC said.

The board, made up of industry, scientific and academic experts as well as representatives from environmental organizations, brings “unmatched expertise within the cotton industry, a thorough understanding of the sustainability challenges facing the textile industry and experience within the retail sector,” said Ken Burton, Trust Protocol executive director. “Working together, the board will ensure the protocol will meet sustainability requirements throughout the supply chain and provide an unmatched level of transparency and accountability.”

After initiation of a pilot earlier this year, full implementation is scheduled for 2020 for the Trust Protocol, which is aimed at helping U.S. cotton achieve these national sustainability goals by 2025:

▪ 13% increase in productivity, i.e. reduced land use per pound of fiber;

▪ 18% increase in irrigation efficiency;

▪ 39% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions;

▪ 15% reduction in energy expenditures;

▪ 50% reduction in soil loss; and

▪ 30% increase in soil carbon. ▪ 30% increase in soil carbon.


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