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Country hair cuts

Country folks learn to make do with any job. I grew up far out in the country. This morning I cut my hair. It makes me feel good to have my hair cut or trimmed.

I began cutting hair when I was about 11. My mother asked me if I would trim her hair. She told me how she wanted it and I did it. I have been cutting hair ever since. I cut my mother’s regularly after that. I started cutting my own hair shortly there after. I have cut hair for lot of friends through the years.

Living many miles from neighbors or a town teaches country people to be self-reliant, we took care of ourselves and our families. There was no help for women so we did extra jobs for ourselves. My mother would buy home permanents and cut and curl hair for my sister and me. Sometimes permanents left our fine hair a bit too curly. When it rained my hair drooped into a tangled mess. We managed to look as best we could. At a rainy track meet one year we girls all had kinky hair from home permanents.

A neighbor lady cut and curled my hair a time or two. Soon I found I could do just as good a job for my mother, my sister and myself. So I did.

My father cut my four brother’s hair for years. He cut my bangs some when I was little. He used hand clippers and cut away – I observed. He did a good job. Neighbor parents did the same for their boys giving each their own style.

When I married I began cutting my husband’s hair shortly after. He had come home with a bad haircut and was upset. He asked me to fix his hair. I cut his hair from then on. His father, my elderly father-in-law, and both of our sons got hair cuts by me. My husband’s uncle drove out from town for a haircut several times. A neighbor said he’d like his hair cut like that. He asked my father-in-law,” Who cuts your hair?”

As a newlywed I gave myself permanents after I cut my hair, with my husband to help neutralizing the curls. When I tried doing it all by myself I found that I had missed a curl or two and they didn’t hold up. It was handy to have a bit of help which was greatly appreciated. The results were more satisfying too.

Never did I charge for cutting hair. Someone told me it is against the law to cut hair and charge without a license. Cutting hair was a fun diversion for me.

I felt like crying when I first cut my little sons’ hair. One had beautiful blonde fine silky hair. The other had dark curls. The first hair cut meant these little boys were growing up. At six months, when people began asking if the younger one was a girl, I felt I must trim off his curls before his father did. Cutting hair is satisfying to me. It gives a fresh perspective on life. I enjoy cutting hair. When I feel a haircut might improve my appearance or state of mind, I get out my trusty sharp scissors and head for a nearby mirror.

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