Court stops pauses Initiative 16 |

Court stops pauses Initiative 16

I think everyone in Colorado’s agriculture industry can breathe a heavy sigh of relief after the Colorado Supreme Court in a 7-0 decision reversed the decision of the Title Board, allowing proponents to move forward with Initiative 16, known as the PAUSE Act.

But as many have noted in Rachel Gabel’s article on page ??, concerning the decision, ag producers must remain vigilant.

We need to keep teaching people that there is a difference between pets and livestock and how important it is to protect an industry that provides a huge economic benefit to the Colorado economy. That is especially true today as the oil and gas industry — another important, vulnerable industry in the state — is under attack.

It’s too bad that those who produce food, fuel, fiber and many other goods have to worry about the weather, exports and imports, markets, federal government programs, etc. also have to defend their business their neighbors and state legislators.

I wish these animal activists would turn their attention to people who are actually abusing animals instead of those who are raising animals as humanely as possible to feed the world.

I think the next move for Coloradans is to keep the legislature from introducing such ridiculous legislation and using veiled attempts to kill certain industries. These bills are a waste of time for everyone involved.

It’s like the courts wasting time fighting cases for people who burn their tongues drinking hot coffee.

Unfortunately farmers and ranchers are the minority in Colorado and are thinly represented in the legislature as more and more people move into the urban areas. Because of this ag will continue to be attacked and at times be forced to fight for its existence.

We must continue to keep fighting the good fight and educating urbanites.



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