Cowboy rescue team |

Cowboy rescue team

He’s part of a buckaroo rescue team

A savior if you may.

An unsung and overlooked hero

Gettin’ cowboys out of harm’s way.

The roughies trust his advice

‘Cause he knows how those ponies buck.

He’s sure to let ’em know

If they’ll need more than luck!

He’s not competing for the prize money

Nor carrying a gold buckle on his belt.

The announcer won’t give you a resume

Of the winning hands he’s been dealt.

But he’s sure quick to get into position

To help make those broncs shine.

Then he’s ready to move in after eight,

Once the whistle gives him the sign.

And when the inevitable happens

And the cowboy gets caught in a wreck,

You can bet that pickup man’s there

With a fast horse, helping hand and lariat.

Now next time you’re enjoying the show

And watching this talented hand in action,

Remember to tip your hat and smile

And show him some well-deserved appreciation.

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