Crazy gas prices |

Crazy gas prices

It cost $90.22 to fill my pickup with gas yesterday. Talk about sticker-shock! To put it mildly, that is totally ridiculous, insane, and being taken advantage of.

It seems at the hint of a drop of the hat, oil prices go up, gas prices go up, but it takes nearly an act of God for them to go down.

The American people are being taken severe advantage of and in my opinion, by Americans. Who? A few that sit on various boards of Wall Street making millions in salary and millions more in benefits and at our expense. To begin with, much of the corporate earnings is our money. If so much of it wasn’t being paid in outlandish salaries, bonuses and benefits, then the people that actually own the stock would receive that in dividends, and most likely reinvest or buy another stock. Greed, greed and more greed!

I just thank God I can fill my pickup with gas. I’m certain there are many who cannot, or it is at a real cost of something else they need. Come to think of it, it is a major factor with me.

The high price of oil and fuel hits everyone in the pocketbook. Not just those that drive, but everyone! There is virtually nothing you can lay your hand on or in that hasn’t been on a truck several times. And trucks burn diesel fuel. When fuel prices skyrocket then trucking costs increase, and the price of goods increases.

A loaf of bread. It starts out as wheat, which is trucked from the field to the bin. From the bin to an elevator, and most likely loaded on a train. Trains use diesel fuel. Oh yes, that combine that harvested the wheat burns diesel fuel.

Then from the railroad to the flour mill, from the four mill to the baker, from the baker to the store, and most likely on a truck using diesel fuel. Very few shoppers walk to the grocery store, so gasoline is used to buy that loaf of bread.

Then figure how it dilutes your tax dollar. The cost of police protection increases because police cars run on gasoline. Granted, they run tax free gas, but isn’t the gas tax that went up (so far) but the actual cost of the fuel. Or consider, how much more it costs the Fire Department to respond. Yes, the price of fuel could cause your taxes to increase. The Post Office is going broke, and the vast majority of mail is trucks. Their costs just went up with the price of fuel.

Now I really wish I had the answer to this, but I don’t. For me an electric car isn’t feasible. In fact, I don’t think they have made an electric 4-wheel drive pickup. And considering it is over a hundred mile round trip to Cheyenne, Wyo., I’d about have to recharge before coming home. Maybe I could coast into the rest stop and plug in there. I’m certain the highway department would appreciate that.

So as per usual, those of us fortunate enough to live where we do are once again getting suck with rising costs. The only positive spin I can think of, it is costing everyone as much.

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