Creamery’s specialty important during surplus |

Creamery’s specialty important during surplus

The reason for the cheese

According to Bloomberg, the U.S. cheese surplus is an international affair. The European Union — which consists of 28 countries — has seen an increase of exports because of low prices. With the low value of the euro, Asian countries and even the U.S. has taken advantage of the low dairy prices.


Longview Creamery

»To get text message updates on when the curds are ready, text CURDS to (970) 805-4269.

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»The creamery and Cozy Cow Store are located at 28607 Weld County Road 17 in WIndsor, Colo.

Take how much cheese you eat in a year and add three pounds to that.

Caille Gash and her husband, Marc Pfister, own the creamery and store that makes and sells cheese, cheese curds, ice cream and milk. The milk they use is purchased through the Dairy Farmers of America, so they are hit by the milk price trends.

But when it comes to cheese, it’s a whole different wheel.

“Smaller-scale operations are not flush with stockpiles of cheese — we are trying our best to create and keep up with demand for our products,” Gash said in an email. “And quite frankly, sitting on inventory isn’t helping pay the bills.”

The creamery’s windowed walls on the inside create transparency for anyone who wants to see the way cheese and cheese curds are made. From the windows, people can see Gash or a helper preparing cheese by removing as much liquid as possible. It’s the lack of liquid that prolongs the dairy product’s life.

But the clearly visible workroom brings customers who want to know how their food is made.

“People are very interested in where their food is coming from,” Gash said. “They want to be aware of what they’re eating.”

The local pull also helps bring in customers. Anyone can text a phone number and get notifications when the cheese curds are prepared and ready to eat. The freshness of the cheese is a huge pull for customers. Plus, the milk the creamery purchases from Dairy Farmers of America is from a dairy only feet away.

As many in Colorado emphasize supporting local businesses, the creamery tapped into one of the largest industries: craft beer.

“The brewery scene here has helped us too,” Gash said. “Beer cheese is definitely a niche we’ve been marketing.”

The relationships between the creamery and breweries aren’t the only local relationships.

The creamery has a contest in which elementary students submit what flavors they want in an ice cream. Gash said some of the flavors are a bit unlikely or out of reach — like an “everything” combo. The creamery will take one and add it to their 12 scoop flavors. Right now that flavors is a combination of coconut, pineapple and strawberry.

With the cheese surplus hitting large dairy producers, companies like Longview Creamery are able to continue their work because their operations are small.❖

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