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CSU vets recommend livestock, horses be vaccinated for rabies

Colorado State University veterinarians are recommending that livestock and horses be vaccinated for rabies due to an increased number of infected skunks in the state.

While bats have spread rabies in Colorado for many years, rabies spread through other wildlife has typically been more common in Eastern states. During the last several years, more skunks in Colorado have become infected, which has resulted in an increased infection rate and risk of infection to livestock and horses. This is due in part to habitat changes and human movement of wild animals that spread the disease into areas previously uninfected.

CSU veterinarians recommend horses and livestock, particularly pet livestock such as llamas and alpacas, be vaccinated once a year, and also recommend vaccination of commercial production livestock in locations where there is high skunk activity. They also strongly encourage all companion pet owners to vaccinate their cats and dogs.

All warm-blooded animals, including humans, can be infected with rabies.

“While livestock or horses contracting rabies is still uncommon in Colorado, it is extremely important – now more than ever – to work to prevent animals from contracting the disease,” said Bruce Connally in a news release. He is a veterinarian with Colorado State University’s equine section.

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