Customer Spotlight Michael Auction Service |

Customer Spotlight Michael Auction Service

704 Sycamore St., Julesburg, CO 80737

(970) 474-3693 • Fax (970) 474-3693

Web site:


Michael Auction Service was established in 1943, in Julesburg, Colo.

Mary and Lloyd Michael, Jr. own the business and have 14 employees.

They are a full-service auction company. Michael Auction Service conducts auctions of all sizes including large estates, antiques, collectibles, household, farm equipment, coins and Western and Indian collectibles.

They have been successful because of their vast product knowledge, honesty and integrity.

In the future, they plan on keeping up with their ever-growing industry through education and expansion.

“We at Michael Auction Service strive to bring only our best effort to insure your auction is a success.”

The Fence Post – Plains Edition would like to thank Michael Auction Service for their many years of patronage.

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