Customer Spotlight Ogallala Livestock Auction Market |

Customer Spotlight Ogallala Livestock Auction Market

Photo courtesy of MaKenzi's Photography & Gifts.Ogallala Livestock Auction Market staff.

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West Highway 30, Ogallala, NE 69153

– PO Box 30

(308) 284-2071 • Fax (308) 284-2079

Web site:


Ogallala Livestock Auction Market was established in 1951 in Ogallala, Neb.

Dwayne Mays and Scott Van Winkle own the livestock auction market. There are a total of 35 employees.

Auctions at Ogallala are held every Wednesday, with special auctions of calves and yearling conducted on Thursdays, September through March. Video sales are held in July, August and September for fall delivery.

Ogallala Livestock is ideally situated in the heart of Nebraska’s cattle country, nestled in the highly productive Platte Valley with the Nebraska Sandhills to the north and the irrigation table and pastureland to the south.

The abundance of summer range, winter feed and water and the fact that over 75 percent of the cattle fed in the United States are fed in Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas contributes to the success of Ogallala Livestock Auction Market.

“Location, high quality cattle offered and the commitment to provide customers with professional courteous service has made it one of the largest livestock auction markets in Nebraska.”

The Fence Post – Plains Edition would like to thank Ogallala Livestock Auction Market for their many years of patronage.

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