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Dairy groups call on G-20 to reform WTO

Ahead of the meeting of the Group of 20 leading industrial and emerging-market countries this weekend in Buenos Aires, a coalition of associations representing the majority of global dairy trade is calling on G-20 ministers to prioritize “maintaining, reforming and reinvigorating the multilateral rules-based trading system.”

“We have come together as representatives of the dairy industries in Argentina (Centro de la Industria Lechera); Australia (Australian Dairy Industry Council); the European Union (European Dairy Association and Eucolait); New Zealand (Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand); the United States (International Dairy Foods Association, National Milk Producers Federation and U.S. Dairy Export Council) and Uruguay (Camara de la Industria Lactea del Uruguay) because of the collective importance we place on there being a rules-based multilateral system which is respected and adhered to,” the groups said in a news release that was issued in the United States by IDFA.

“We recognize that the WTO needs to continue to adapt to changing global economic and trading circumstances to address current concerns, maintain its relevance and lay the basis for future, sustainable growth in trade, including for dairy,” the groups said.

The groups cited their support for the following changes:

▪ Reform of the dispute settlement system;

▪ Improving transparency and timeliness of subsidy notifications;

▪ Clarifying the procedures for administering tariff quotas to markedly improve fill rates; and

▪ Additional improvements to address trade-distorting practices.


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