Daylong gardening workshop scheduled in January by CSU Extension |

Daylong gardening workshop scheduled in January by CSU Extension

Over the past couple of years there has been a growing interest in knowing where one’s food comes from.

With that, there has been an increase in community gardens, school gardens and home gardens; growing a garden of your own fruits and vegetables can not only reduce your grocery bill, it’s healthy and rewarding.

Picking your own tomatoes and using them in that day’s dinner can leave you with a sense of accomplishment. But if you are new to gardening or have an interest in becoming a home gardener, gardening can seem overwhelming o since gardening is a year-round activity.

When the winter weather hits, the perennial gardener knows itis time to start planning for the next growing season. That’s because soon after the New Year, seed catalogs are sent out and the garden centers start stocking seeds and seed-growing supplies. And just before winter turns to spring, garden centers start displaying garden plants and soil amendments.

So what do you do? How do you choose between the varieties in the seed catalogs and the selection of plants and seeds in the garden centers? How do you amend your soil and what type of irrigation system do you install?

All of these choices can leave both the new gardener and the perennial, experienced gardener feeling intimidated.

So how do you learn to garden or how do you improve your gardening techniques?

You can attend gardening classes, read gardening books or attend the Colorado State University Extensionis horticulture programs from Weld County along with Adams, Larimer and Boulder counties on Jan. 22 for a daylong gardening workshop, “Your Edible Garden.” This workshop will cover home gardening topics that will prove interesting to both the new and perennial gardeners alike.

The workshop would also make a great gift for your loved ones that are interested in gardening.

Colorado State University Extension agents, specialists and experts in 12 areas of home edible gardening will present hourlong sessions on topics including irrigation for edible crops, soil amendments, tomato selection, care and harvest, extending the growing season, strawberries, vegetables container gardening, tips for growing veggies in Colorado, raspberries and blackberries, vegetable disease calendar, vegetable gardening insects, fruit tree pruning, and starting veggies from seed.

Both new and perennial gardeners can choose from topics under the general gardening, specialty gardening and specialty veggie/fruit headings, which will be offered through three classes in four breakout sessions.

Carrie Shimada is the horticulture program associate with the Weld County office of Colorado State University Extension.

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