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Gentle readers, have you ever in your life been deceptive? Of course you have. So have I. I don’t say that in a boastful way. We are by human nature prone to be a little deceptive at different times in our lives. Some folks make a living out of being deceptive. At this writing, it is the Monday before election day and I am so glad that all of the constant pleading, urging, concerned and sometimes deceptive phone calls will be over ” for two more years, anyhow.

I think that we have come to expect that most of our politicians are going to deceive us a good part of the time, if not all the time. It’s sad, it really is. We have created this monster and we continue to feed him because we are just too lazy to get up on our hind legs and demand changes be made.

What’s even sadder to me is the admission of a very popular, important and powerful pastor that he has been deceptive to his followers, some 30 million folks, that he has been a very sinful man who stood up and preached against doing the very things that he had done. He got caught!

It’s ironic that a week before he was “ousted” by his male friend, he stood up in his 14,000 member church that he started in his basement and prayed that God would bring out the truth about lies and deceit in the coming week. He, of course was thinking (I believe) about the upcoming elections, but God did answer his prayer and brought to light the lies and deceit that he had been so easily using on his own wife and kids and his church members.

Folks, what are we doing to the young children that are taught to look up to people of the cloth? They are taught to respect adults in positions of authority, and we disappoint them time after time.

Shame. Shame on us!

Shame on the youth leader in my and Martha’s church years ago that was a pervert who preyed upon some of the children in our church.

Shame on my father and mother’s pastor that was caught sleeping with his secretary. Later he admitted to me that he was an atheist and being a pastor was a good living for him, and provided all the women outside of his marriage that he could want!

I think it’s about time we got it together. Professional athletes, clergy, doctors, lawyers, officers of the court, and yes, politicians are too often bending, twisting or just plain breaking the truth as most of us see it. By tomorrow I will know if my guys won or the other guys did. In some cases it just won’t make a whole lot of difference, but it should. It should because there are millions and millions of young folks out there that may not appear to be watchin’, but trust me, they are.

My 9-year-old grandson, Buckshot, asked me just yesterday if I was going to vote for the lady that he happened to be watchin’ on the “telly” at that moment. I told him that I had already voted, and “no” I didn’t vote for her. He told me he was glad because she didn’t seem like a very nice woman and she would make me pay higher taxes.

He’s listening and watchin’.

Let’s “cowboy up” and start acting like the responsible adults that our children expect us to be in each and every way, and on each and every occasion!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. ya.


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