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Deer Lodge FFA Mechanics & Crops Contest

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by Pat Hansen
Deer Lodge, Mont.

More than 80 students from six schools competed in the Western District FFA Mechanics and Crops contest in Deer Lodge, Mont., recently with events for both varsity and Greenhand members. It was a busy day with activities in several areas. FFA Advisor Bill Lombardi said, “It’s a big job putting an event like this together and I couldn’t do it without the help of alumni and others.”

Three $800 scholarships from the University of Montana – Helena College of Technology and numerous prizes donated by area businesses were awarded to winners from the FFA chapters at Beaverhead, Deer Lodge, Flathead (Kalispell), Mission Valley (Ronan), Missoula, and Stevensville.

The Varsity Mechanics contest included wiring a two-way light switch, identifying parts of a baler, electrical systems and voltage, welding a gate hinge, survey elevations, wood construction, concrete volume, and a written test for a total of 398 possible points.

The Greenhand Mechanics contest included wood construction, tool grinding, problem solving, tap and die, soldering and a written test for a total of 384 points.

Students competing in the Agronomy Contest did plant identification, seed identification, soil/fertilizer, range management, insect identification, and a written test for a total of 250 points.

District Mechanics and Crops Results:

The top Varsity Mechanics individuals (in order of placement) were: Kyle Hovey, Flathead 355; Andy Lybeck, Flathead 324; Ben Allen, Flathead 281; Lucas Nentwig, Stevensville 278; Chance Schule, Missoula 267; Ryan Lalum, Flathead 266; Dalton Swartz, Missoula 265; Kellen Standley, Missoula 255; Richard Farrell, Missoula 253; Jake Parks, Stevensville 247.

Team standings were: 1st- Flathead 1226 points; 2nd- Missoula 1039; 3rd- Stevensville 925; 4th – Beaverhead 581; 5th – Deer Lodge 555; 6th- Mission Valley, 354.

Top Greenhand Mechanics individuals were: Adam Hegglund, Deer Lodge 333; Levi Nentwig, Stevensville 331; Riley Lingeing, Stevensville 309; Logan Standley, Missoula 308; Scott Marvin, Flathead 301; David Dutton, Deer Lodge 297; Larry Bauer, Missoula 294; Eddie Moon, Flathead 293; Jon Conner, Stevensville 292; Kayla Large, Missoula 284.

Team standings: 1st- Stevensville 1209 points; 2nd- Missoula 1163; 3rd- Flathead 1139; 4th- Deer Lodge 1119; 5th – Beaverhead 275.

Top Agronomy individuals were: Reese McAlpin, Flathead 199; Kellan Standley, Missoula 198; Josie Evenson, Flathead 169; Logan Standley, Missoula 177; Lisa Harshbarger, Missoula 170; (tie) Taylor Fitzpatrick, Mission Valley and Megan Lynch, Flathead 169; Lisa Henderson, Missoula 167; Matt Foster, Flathead 153; Kayla Cheff, Missoula 151.

Team standings: 1st- Missoula 712 points; 2nd- Flathead 708; 3rd- Stevensville 484; 4th – Mission Valley 403; 5th – Beaverhead 386; 6th – Deer Lodge 83.

Sweepstakes Awards

As FFA members advance to state competitions, recognition was given for their achievements at the district level during the school term. At the awards ceremony trophies were given to teams based on cumulative points from all district events.

Varsity district contests are: livestock judging, sales and service, extemporaneous speech, prepared speech, parliamentary procedure, mechanics and crops competitions.

Team placing: 1st- Flathead; 2nd- Missoula; 3rd- Stevensville; 4th – Beaverhead; 5th- Deer Lodge; 6th- Mission Valley.

Greenhand district contests are: livestock judging, mechanics, Star Greenhand, Star creed speaking, quiz bowl, and Greenhand team.

Team placing: 1st- Stevensville; 2nd- Missoula; 3rd (tie). Deer Lodge and Flathead; 4th-Beaverhead; 5th- Mission Valley.


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