Delta County Fair " We’ll See You There! |

Delta County Fair " We’ll See You There!

Calling all gardeners, crafters, artists, photographers, flower growers, seamstresses, needlework aficionados, quilters, bakers and food preservation buffs! Fair entry day is quickly approaching. The day to enter your items in the Delta County Fair is Tuesday, August 5th from. 8:00 AM ” 7:00 PM at Heritage Hall which is located on the Delta County Fairgrounds in Hotchkiss. The fun begins when you enter and it continues on Wednesday when the Exhibit Hall entries are judged. Did you know that you can watch the judging? There is quite an audience for the flower judging, judging of the baked goods, and also in the horticulture department. That’s not all – each department has its own unique judging criteria and can be lots of fun to observe. Who knows? You may just end up a winner!

While you are there why not make a day of it? After watching the judging you can walk through the Exhibit Hall and look at the other items on display. In addition you can visit the many informational booths inside. Afterwards you can journey out onto the fairgrounds to check the vendors there – we are sure there will be lots of yummy food. Why not grab a bite, pull up to a picnic table, and people watch for a while?

The Delta County Fair is packed with fun, food, and excitement. It is also a great way for you and your family to add something special to your summer. Grab a fairbook today, check out the areas of interest to you, and bring your exhibits to the Fair. We’ll see you there!

For more information on the Delta County Fair, contact the CSU Extension Office at 874-2195.


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