Don’t fence me in |

Don’t fence me in

He’s been a cowboy 40 years,

He’s seen his thick and thin,

But the greatest fear this cowboy has,

Is that he may get fenced in.

He gets t’ talkin’ to the boss,

As he moves the cows along,

He takes his time and talks slow,

So’s the words don’t come out wrong.

Now Boss I know yer busy,

But there’s somethin’ on my mind,

It seems the worlds a changin’,

And no one needs my kind.

Now I know I’ve asked fer lots of things,

In the years I’ve known y’ boss,

And y’ need t’ know I’m thankful,

Fer my life, my job, my hoss.

Y’ see my guts are twisted up,

I got’s this feelin’ deep inside,

The day’s a’comin’ awful quick,

Folks won’t need a hand t’ ride.

I have no doubt that I’ll make do,

And keep up with the times,

I might could write my memoirs,

And then put them into rhymes.

I’m sure I’ll keep on drummin’,

Like a spring rain on the tin,

But boss if you could swing it,

Please don’t fence me in.

Now this is the talk a cowboy had,

With the man he called the boss,

He spoke from the heart,

what was on his mind,

As he plodded along on his hoss.

Y’ may not find him in a church,

Adorned in Sunday’s best,

And he may never read the book,

But he prays jist like the rest.

He feels it best t’ save his favors,

Fer when he needs ’em most,

And when he prays, he calls on God,

The Son and Holy Ghost.

The cowboy’s prayer is often silent,

And come from deep within,

Lord all I ask y’ for t’day,

Is please don’t fence me in.

As he climbs into his bedroll,

The full moon takes him in,

And from inside, a silent prayer,

Lord, please don’t fence me in.

As the cowboy slowly drifts off,

He sleeps deeper than before,

And sees the man that he calls boss,

Inside the open door.

Now cowboy I jist had no choice,

I had t’ call y’ in,

‘Cause there on Earth

I couldn’t help,

But here you aren’t fenced in.

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