Don’t forcible bring wolves into Colorado |

Don’t forcible bring wolves into Colorado

Let this be a wake-up call for Colorado Gov. Jared Polis and the First Gentleman Marlon Reis regarding the “introduction” of wolves into the state. I inserted quote marks around the word introduction because as we know there are already wolves in Colorado according to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Proposition 114, a measure that requires Colorado officials to restore and manage gray wolf populations in the western part of the state, passed and Gov. Polis wants the Colorado Wildlife Commission to bring the wolves in by the middle of next year.

In the meantime, eight cattle were attacked by wolves in the Ukiah Valley south of Pendleton, Ore., one calf was dead and two were euthanized because their injuries were so severe, according to an article in the Capital Press.

“The first report came on Sept. 25, when a ranch hand discovered one dead and six injured calves in an approximately 200-acre private pasture. All were about six months old, weighing between 450 and 550 pounds. Two of the injured calves were later euthanized.

“Three days later, another calf was found dead in the same pasture. In each case, the animals had pre-mortem bite marks suggesting they were attacked by a predator. The injuries included tooth scrapes, punctures and tears that were consistent with wolves, the Capital Press reported.

In Oregon, wolves in the eastern part of the state can be killed if there are two confirmed cases of depredation within nine months.

Clearly these attacks reached that threshold.

The message to the Polis and Reis is that by moving wolves into western Colorado putting ranchers herds and flocks in harms way may not get them the outcome they desire. I say this because the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife were allowed to kill wolves in Baker County because of livestock attacks, resulting in the shooting of two wolf pups and three more wolves, including the alpha male after wolf attacks continued.

So basically by bringing wolves into western Colorado is in effect putting the cross-hairs on wolves being moved into an area where cattle and sheep are being grazed.

Those who follow me know that I believe if wolves want to live in Colorado they will come, if not, leave them be.


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