Don’t get mired in political nastiness |

Don’t get mired in political nastiness

When I started writing this Editor’s Note, I was going to complain about politics and to write that I would be so happy once the election was over.

Then I read an obituary from a newspaper in North Dakota where I used to work about a man who I wrote a couple of stories about when he was a young boy.

I’m not going to tell you his name because it’s not important. What is important is how he lived his life despite of his serious health issues.

You see, he had to have a kidney transplant when he was a boy and his dad gave him his kidney in 1992. But that kidney transplant failed and in 2005 he got another kidney from his uncle.

I don’t remember when I wrote the stories, but at the time, he was on kidney dialysis and the family had received a dialysis machine that they could use at home.

The day I met him, the power had gone out just as he was about to have his treatment and his dad was starting up a generator so his treatment could continue.

I also accompanied him when he went to the clinic to get his blood drawn and tested, which was a constant for him.

So it was no surprise to me that in his obituary it said he worked as a phlebotomist. I’m sure he was a fine phlebotomist because of all his experience at the other end of the needle.

The obituary also said that his second kidney transplant failed in 2013.

So he went back on dialysis and lived until his death at the young age of 28.

Another story I wrote that came to mind as I was writing this was about a farmer who suffered and stroke and was told he would probably never farm again. But he didn’t that stop him. He worked hard with his physical therapists and eventually was able to climb back in his tractor and farm.

He was very emotional after the stroke. As I was interviewing him and his wife at their diningroom table he would start to cry when he talked about the people who helped him recover. Then his wife would cry and then I would cry.

But he really perked up when he showed me how he could climb stairs and get into his tractor.

So lets use our energy to think about more important things like friends and family and remember those who deserve more of our attention and time than politics and politicians.

So if you are feeling like the world is crumbling around you because of all the nasty political fighting, take a minute to think about what’s really important. I promise you will sleep better at night.

But do vote, that is also important. ❖


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