Dorothy Miller: Guess the Year 6-25-12 |

Dorothy Miller: Guess the Year 6-25-12

Bruno Richard Hauptmann was convicted and sentenced to death for the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh, Jr.

Amelia Earhart became the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to California.

The FBI killed the Barker Gang, including Ma Barker, in a shootout Airplanes were banned from flying over the White House.

Porky Pig made his debut in Looney Tunes’ “I Haven’t Got a Hat.”

The great Black Sunday dust storm hit eastern New Mexico and Colorado, and western Oklahoma.

Fibber McGee and Molly debuted on NBC Radio.

Executive Order 7034 created the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

The first nighttime Major League Baseball game was played between the Cincinnati Reds and Philadelphia Phillies at Crosley Field in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Babe Ruth appeared in his last career game, playing for the Boston Braves in Philadelphia against the Phillies.

Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in Akron, Ohio, by William G. Wilson and Dr. Robert Smith.

James J. Braddock defeated Max Baer at Madison Square Garden Bowl to win the heavyweight boxing championship of the world.

The world’s first parking meters were installed in Oklahoma City.

United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law.

Humorist Will Rogers and aviator Wiley Post were killed when Post’s plane crashed shortly after takeoff near Barrow, Alaska.

The strongest hurricane ever to strike the United States made landfall in the Upper Florida Keys killing 423. It was rated as a Category five storm with 185 mph winds.

Earl Bascom and his brother Weldon Bascom produced the first night rodeo held outdoors under electric lights at Columbia, Miss.

U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated Hoover Dam.

The China Clipper took off from Alameda, Calif., in an attempt to deliver the first air mail cargo across the Pacific Ocean.

The first all-talking film version of Charles Dickens classic, opened in the U.S. after its British release. Seymour Hicks played Scrooge, a role he had played onstage hundreds of times. The film was criticized by some for not showing all of the ghosts physically, and quickly faded into obscurity. Widespread interest did not surface until the film was shown on television in very shabby-looking prints. It was eventually restored on DVD.

Can you guess the year?


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The answer to last month’s Guess the Year Quiz was 1912. Congratulations to Alexia Hernandez of Iliff, Colo., for being selected our prize winner. You can expect to receive $10 by the 20th of next month.

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