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Dronegate continues

We still haven’t determined who is flying the drones over Colorado and Nebraska. The drones are being flown at night and fly in grid patterns.

According to the Colorado Department of Public Safety a drone came in “dangerous proximity to a medical helicopter” on the evening of Jan. 8.

The department put out a frequently asked questions sheet on suspicious drone activity that includes Federal Aviation Rules requiring drones to:

• Fly below 400 feet.

• Only fly during the day, unless the operator has an FAA waiver.

• Avoid flying over groups of people, near stadiums and other aircraft.

• Fly within visual line of sight of the operator.

• Never fly within 5 miles of airports without explicit permission from airport authorities and air traffic control.

• Stay away from emergency response operations (such as wildfires), critical infrastructure and military sites.

• Follow all additional FAA airspace requirements, viewable at faa.gov/go/uastfr.

Drones not following these rules are considered suspicious and anyone who observes this should contact their local law enforcement personnel.

The Department of Public Safety is investigating suspicious drone activity and is updating any information it observes on its website. You can see this information on their website at https://www.colorado.gov/publicsafety under the heading “What’s New.”

I, for one, will be checking this site on a daily basis.

Hopefully the Department of Public Safety investigation will shed some light about who is controlling these drones and what are they using them for. ❖

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