Durbin: New deadline on bills is Oct. 31

The Democrats’ new deadline for passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Democratic-only reconciliation bill known as the Build Back Better Act is Oct. 31, Senate Majority Whip Dick.Durbin, D-Ill., said Sunday.

Asked on CNN’s “State of the Union” if he thinks Democrats should eliminate specific components of the bill or scale all of the components back, Durbin said, “There’s the question. And it’s one that we’re going to face in the next four weeks, because Oct. 31 is our new target date, certainly to get the debt ceiling done long before that, but also when it comes to this issue, reconciliation and the infrastructure bill, to have that as our target.”

“And we have to ask that very fundamental question,” Durbin said. “Should we do everything to a limited degree, or should we really invest ourselves in the most important things and try to make that decision? It’s a hard one.”

But White House adviser Cedric Richmond, said on Fox News Sunday, “We don’t have a time frame on it. This is just about delivering and making sure that we deliver both bills to the American people because it meets their needs.”

The House is holding only hearings this week. The Senate is in session, but will join the House in taking the next week off in observance of Columbus Day or National Indigenous People’s Day.


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