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Dusty Trails Horse Training Offers Many Services

The first natural ATV was the horse, and even though many ranches also make use of 4-wheelers or a Kawasaki mule, a well-trained horse can still be the ultimate all-terrain vehicle. Dusty Barner of Dusty Trails Horse Training in North Platte, Neb., has spent a lifetime working with horses, and his work with summer riding camps, trail rides, riding lessons, and horse training becomes a way to provide an opportunity for others to experience a horseman’s life.

Dusty Barner has always been around horses, either riding or training. He’s spent over 10 years helping with summer riding camps. Some camps would have 60 to 80 youth attending, but three fourths of them had never been on a horse. When he saw how the kids enjoyed the horses, it seemed like a way to provide a positive experience in horseback riding for them.

“There is something about working with animals. They are completely honest. They react the same to all kids,” said Barner. “If you’re good to them, then they’re good to you.”

All the horses that Barner uses are trained by him, so he knows them very well. When preparing for a group activity, he brings the horses in early so he gets a feel for their mood. Barner has daycare groups that come out for an afternoon of riding. It has been geared towards the older children and will continue into the school year when many students have early school dismissal on Wednesday afternoons.

When he is not working with group rides or summer camps, Barner gives riding instruction to riders at all levels of ability. He enjoys seeing how quickly beginning riders become at ease with riding and start to feel more confident in the saddle. Working with experienced riders is also rewarding to him, especially as they master horsemanship skills. Recently he worked with a rider preparing to try out for an equestrian team.

Of his own horses, he has a few that are extremely versatile. They are used for a kid’s horse during a trail ride or lessons, but have the cow sense and power to stay in the competition for a team sorting contest. When he puts the harnesses on them, they make a great team for pulling a wagon, yet his all-around horse will jump fence rails as Barner rides bareback with no bridle.

Dusty Barner’s business is probably just as versatile as the horses he’s trained. Whether breaking ranch horses or kid’s horses, training a horse and rider to learn to work together, hoof trimming, or holding the reins as his team pulls the surrey at a family celebration, it all comes from a love of working with horses and passing that same positive experience on to others.

For more information about Dusty Trails Horse Training, check online at: http://www.dustytrailshorses.com or call Dusty Barner at (308) 530-0048.

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