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Early weed control critical to next year’s crop

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. – Next year’s success with rainfed crops depends on water saved this year so producers should retain wheat residues, but they need to keep weeds under control, said a University of Nebraska-Lincoln specialist.

Western Nebraska crops specialist Bob Klein, recommends spraying with glyphosate “right after wheat harvest.” The ideal time to spray is five days after a rain, he said.

“If you can, wait until you have good growing conditions,” he said. “Weeds take up the chemicals better when they’re actively growing.”

Klein advised a split treatment program starting shortly after harvest with glyphosate and following up about September 1 or 10 with Atrazine fplus a burn down herbicide if needed. Producers might add 2,4-D or Banvel to the first treatment, depending on the weeds.

He said that producers often have to shift to amine formulations of 2,4-D to keep volatilization under control during the first treatment. If the temperature is under 80 degrees during treatment and for the rest of the day, volatilization is probably not an issue. If temperatures get much over 80 degrees, though, producers might want to switch formulations.

The second treatment should contain Atrazine if the following crop is labeled for its use, he said.

“We like to have Atrazine because it really makes the system work.” Klein said.

Corn and grain sorghum both tolerate Atrazine. Producers can also use it in a wheat-fallow-wheat rotation, if it is applied 12 months before seeding the winter wheat crop.

Keeping weeds under control in wheat stubble can help assure next year’s maximum yields.

For more about weed control, look for Nebraska Extension Circular EC130 “Guide for Weed Management” at your local extension office or online at http://www.ianrpubs.unl.edu/sendIt/ec130.pdf

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