Eaton FFA Kicked off the summer |

Eaton FFA Kicked off the summer

The Eaton FFA Chapter kicked off this summer with an officer retreat to help train new officers.

The new officer team consists of Bryan Boshinski as President, Sandra Munoz as Vice President, Kathleen Stewart as Secretary, Brandon Fritz as Treasurer, Veronica Morado as Reporter, and Kelly Kozisek as Sentinel.

At this event they worked on planning our FFA activities and events for the up coming year. The officers worked on interacting with one another and building trust. All of the officers demonstrated their leadership qualities and skills through a variety of game and activities. They did a little activity that showed us our personalities based on a survey. Every officer had a different color to represent their personality and likes or dislikes. With this activity they found out what we could do as officers and as a team. The most important thing that brought us closer was the obstacles we had to get through. The experiences both good and bad taught us how we interact as a team and how our personalities coincide.

Our officer retreat was educational, a bonding experience and fun was had by all.

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