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Long-time Fence Post employee turns to life of retirement

A thank you from Charley

Charley Wadsworth wanted to thank all of the clients and co-workers she had a chance to meet and work with throughout her career. She said all of them helped make her career what it was.

The Fence Post will be without Charley Wadsworth for the first time since July 1990.

Wadsworth worked at the magazine for 26 of the publication’s 36 years, and  officially retired Dec. 23.

She was originally hired to answer the phones, but moved on to help with editorial, classifieds, advertising, collections, accounts and more recently circulation.

Although she said will miss The Fence Post, she’s happy to be able to spend more time with her family.

“She was the monarch of The Fence Post.”

Wadsworth has 12 grandchildren — one, Baby B, is due at the beginning of February. The newest addition to the family, Cora Belle Max Wadsworth, was born Dec. 13.

Family is important to Wadsworth, and that includes her Fence Post family.

Whenever Wadsworth was on a call for work, it was more than just business. She could be heard talking and asking about clwient’s families and life, and was always stopping to chat with people in the office.

There is no denying she’s a people person.

Among those who knew her best was former Fence Post employee, Amiella Aragon. Aragon started at The Fence Post in 2007, and through their time together, the two developed a strong bond.

“She’s kind of like a second mom to me,” Aragon said.

And Wadsworth’s caring nature didn’t stop with co-workers. Her phone calls with clients were never strictly business.

“She’d always have longer conversations because she’s so personable,” Aragon said.


Because of her commitment to the job, she often took her work home.

But her time and commitment to the publication and the clients wasn’t a one-way street. Wadsworth said there was one time when one of her children had a fundraiser, and some of her customers came up from southern Colorado to attend.

“The Fence Post clients are unique,” she said.

Between the clients and her co-workers, Wadsworth loved what she was doing because she was a part of The Fence Post family.

“It becomes part of your life,” she said. “It’s grown, but it’s still the wonderful publication it’s always been.”

And Wadsworth has been a big part of the magazine’s growth and popularity with readers.

Although she is retiring from The Fence Post, she will still be helping manage rental property that her family owns, along with working on projects around the 80-acre ranch she and her husband, Terry, own near Windsor.

But that still leaves her with plenty of time to spend with her family. Because, whether it’s for the Wadsworth clan or at The Fence Post, there’s one role she’s always had and always will.

“She’s a monarch,” Aragon said. “She was the monarch of The Fence Post.” ❖

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