Encore Green Environmental partners with Summit Gas Resources to repurpose produced/by-product water

-Encore Green Environmental

CHEYENNE, Wyo.— Darlene Nash, Owner of Encore Green Environmental and Pete Schoonmaker, president and CEO of Summit Gas Resources jointly announced a new project to repurpose oilfield produced/by-product water to apply on the arid ground for agriculture and conservation purposes.

“We are excited to be working with Summit, a true leader in the energy field,” Nash said. “We are dedicated to seeing our arid west get the water that it needs.”

“At Summit, we are always looking for better ways to do things. This new project will be a new tool in our tool box to take care of our produced water disposal needs, while at the same time helping the land and the environment,” Schoonmaker said in making the announcement.

The project is centered in southern Montana where Encore Green Environmental will use its Conservation By-Design method to clean the water and land apply with a diligent testing, batching and traceable process.

Marvin Nash, general manager for Encore Green Environmental said, “Conservation By-Design uses a battery of scientific tests to determine the ideal quality of the water. That water is cleaned, retested and then applied on the surrounding land. That sets off a chain reaction of positive benefits – increased soil health, erosion mitigation, increased vegetation and improved air quality through carbon capture. We applaud Summit for being quick to see the benefits of an alternative to traditional produced water disposal.”

This project is a part of the Just Add Water Initiative launched by Encore Green Environmental this spring. In the arid west, all processes and decisions are made based on water scarcity. The Conservation By-Design method changes all that by introducing a new source of water — cleaned by-product water.

For more information on Conservation By-Design or the Just Add Water Initiative, follow the links to Encore Green Environmental’s site: and