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EPA reacts to dicamba ruling

-The Hagstrom Report

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler on Friday said that the agency is “disappointed” with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling vacating dicamba registrations.

“We are disappointed with the decision,” Wheeler said in a news release. “The 2020 growing season is well underway and this creates undue burden for our first conservationists — farmers.”

“EPA has been overwhelmed with letters and calls from farmers nationwide since the court issued its opinion, and these testimonies cite the devastation of this decision on their crops and the threat to America’s food supply,” Wheeler said.

“The court itself noted in this order that it will place a great hardship on America’s farmers. This ruling implicates millions of acres of crops, millions of dollars already spent by farmers, and the food and fiber Americans across the country rely on to feed their families.”

“EPA is assessing all avenues to mitigate the impact of the court’s decision on farmers,” Wheeler said.

In the ruling, the court said, “We acknowledge the difficulties these growers may have in finding effective and legal herbicides to protect their DT crops if we grant vacatur.”

“They have been placed in this situation through no fault of their own. However, the absence of substantial evidence to support the EPA’s decision compels us to vacate the registrations.”