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Equalizer Systems Trailer Jacks

Kent sundling
denver, colo.

Art by Dave Sundling
(son of mr. Truck)

Ever cranked a heavy trailer jack by hand? Even the 2 speed jacks wear you out. Sometimes you have to unhook from a loaded trailer and that’s when a manual jack is loads of fun. And then if you have different height trucks, you crank even more. I review new trailers and end up cranking more than I like. My hydraulic jack is the last I would give up on my trailer. I need to save my energy for the trail ride.

Electric jacks are cheaper, but hydraulic jack are faster and made for heavy use. You can use 12 volts from your truck or onboard battery on the trailer that Living Quarters and hydraulic brakes would have.

Also comes with a weather-proof sealed rocker switch box with key and PVC braided harness for operating the jack. Optional remote control switch is the way I roll.

Equalizer Systems Jacks, you see them everywhere. More than 70 percent of horse trailer manufactures equip their trailers with them. So service and parts are easy to get with the largest trailer dealer network.

Twenty years ago, Equalizer introduced hydraulic jacks to the horse industry. Horse trailer manufacturers use them because they are dependable and easy to work on. The heavy duty hoses and connections are easy to access and the oil reservoir allows you to see the oil level just like your trucks radiator fluid and power steering tanks.

The best thing I like about Equalizer Jacks, is they all come with a hand pump or manual override. If you lose juice from the trailer battery, the jack still works, if your battery fails on your truck, the jack still works. So you can unhook your trucks, drag it out of the way and hook up your neighbor’s truck.

Equalizer has more options, more jack sizes from 7,500 lbs to more than 24,000 lbs. They have electric motor add-ons to your jack or hydraulic singe and double legs. And power jacks for your bumper pull trailers.

Equalizer has a standard keyed waterproof rocker switch or you can go wireless remote option. I of course like wireless, I can look through my camera in the truck bed and push two buttons and watch my trailer coupler drop on the ball.

Save your back, save your rotator cuff, save your energy, ask your trailer dealer about Equalizer Systems. ❖