Equipment towing adventure |

Equipment towing adventure

My husband Dale had been having trouble with his big red farm truck so when I got home from school, he talked me into helping him to get the thing started.

I was to drive his little Chevy pickup down the blacktopped road close to our house with him and his truck fastened to my back bumper with a very short and heavy steel chain. His instructions to me were to pull him just a ways and then turn the corner and tow him to the service station downtown if the truck hadn’t started by then. I was nervous. I could barely see the windshield of his truck in my rear view mirror. We had just gone a short distance when he began giving me hand signals to stop. (This was before the time of cellphones.) His advice was that I had to go at least 40 mph to get his engine to turn over so once again we headed down the road with my foot on the throttle getting heavier and heavier. Glancing back at him, he was still giving me the go faster sign. I did. We got to the designated corner with no success so I turned toward the service station meanwhile watching other traffic and occasionally noticing that he is still signaling. Our town has lots of dips at the corners for drainage and by the time I got close to the station, he was almost flying over them without touching the street! Still signaling …

When we coasted into the station and he boiled out of that cab, I knew I was in big trouble by his body language and angry red face. What he was trying to tell me was that he did not have any brakes without the engine running and I thought he wanted more speed. He never asked me to tow his farm equipment again. ❖

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