EU suspends tariffs on some fertilizers |

EU suspends tariffs on some fertilizers

The European Commission last week suspended tariffs for urea and anhydrous ammonia fertilizers, but Copa and Cogeca, the umbrella organizations of European farmers and farm co-ops, said it should also suspend duties on other fertilizers and antidumping measures on imports from Trinidad and Tobago and the United States.

In a news release, Copa and Cogeca noted that the U.S. International Trade Commission “recognized the U.S. grain growers argumentation that tariffs lead to higher fertilizer prices and revoked anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on urea ammonium nitrate fertilizers from Trinidad and Tobago on 18th July, concluding that those imports did not hurt the American fertilizer industry. Within this context, European farmers find themselves at a comparative disadvantage to their American colleagues.”

Copa and Cogeca explained, “Throughout 2021, European farmers experienced an unprecedented rise in nitrogen fertilizer prices due to the imbalance between supply and demand on the global fertilizer market. The Russian war in Ukraine has generated further tensions on those markets as Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are major global exporters of mineral fertilizers, accounting for 43% of EU mineral fertilizer imports.

“As a result, European farmers are now facing the dual risk of skyrocket high mineral fertilizer prices and shortages, severely affecting not only their incomes but also the EU’s food production and global food security. Already, Copa and Cogeca’s members are worried about the delay experienced in the new fertilizer purchasing campaign.

“Copa and Cogeca take note of the move by the commission to suspend the conventional tariffs for urea and anhydrous ammonia. However we noticed that the scope of the commission decision does not include fertilizing products used directly by farmers. This approach still protects European fertilizer producers to their advantage and will not provide an easy fix for farmers.”


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