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Extension’s PorkBridge seeks to teach about the grow-finish process

LINCOLN, Neb. – The annual PorkBridge education series to help those in the pork industry gain knowledge in grow-finish pork production will begin its 2009 run March 5.

PorkBridge allows participants to have access to university and industry professionals with a variety of expertise without having to leave the home or farm.

The program combines electronic information viewed on a computer with live oral presentations via phone by experts in topic areas.

About a week before each session, subscribers receive a packet in the mail that contains a CD with session materials. Each session begins at noon Central Time. Subscribers call a toll-free number to listen to speakers and may ask questions anytime during or after the presentation. Internet is not required, though subscribers will need telephone access and a computer with a CD drive.

Each session lasts approximately 1.5 hours. If participants have further questions, they can post questions to a group discussion e-mail list.

Cost of participating in this subscription-only series is $125, which covers materials and phone calls for all six sessions. Multiple individuals can participate at a site, thereby reducing cost per person.

To participate in the first session, registration and payment must be received by Feb. 20.

Sessions this year are:

– March 5, “Current Swine Health Challenge and Solutions,” John Waddell, Sutton Veterinary Clinic

– May 7, “Managing Water,” Tom Guthrie, Michigan State University

– July 2, “Energy Use and Conservation for Swine Barns,” Jay Harmon, Iowa State University

– Sept. 3, “Manure Value and Alteration of Composition,” John Lory, University of Missouri

– Nov. 5, “Packer Perspective on Quality of Hogs,” Collette Shultz-Kaster and Roger Johnson, Farmland Foods

– Jan. 7, 2010, “Marketing Your Hogs at the Ideal Weight,” Mike Tokach, Kansas State University

Mark Whitney of the University of Minnesota is the series leader. Those interested in registering or learning more about the program can access material at the University of Minnesota Extension Web site at http://www.extension.umn.edu/swine or contact Duane Reese at UNL at (402) 472-6425.


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