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Eye exam room observations

It seems I have reached the age where much of my social life revolves around the medical profession. I think I know a lot more doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians and the like than bartenders, go-go dancers and band members.

And today, I had an appointment with an eye doctor. Got right in at the scheduled time, and the nurse put drops in my eyes, checked several things and then sent me back to the waiting room with tv and magazines. About 15 minutes later she called me to another room and the doctor would be in shortly. That phrase “the doctor would be in shortly” is a whole lot like “the check’s in the mail.”

I waited, and I waited in this little about 8′ by 10′ room, seated in an eye examination chair. I had been setting in a very comfortable chair in the waiting room, watching tv.

For lack of anything to do, I got to reading the eye chart on the wall. Near as I could tell, there is no D, I, J, K, M, Q, W, or Y on the eye chart. I could only come up with one complete word on the eye chart, that being “tore.” Everything else is random letters in no particular order that I could tell. I’m certain someone with a lot of letters after their name came up with the eye chart, and all those random letter have some significance to someone.

Of course, the chart starts off with a giant E on the top, followed with two slightly smaller letters. Each row of letters on the eye chart has one more letter than the line before, and the bottom line has 11 letters.

This was all learned in the 45 minutes I sat in the exam chair waiting for the doctor to be in shortly. Oh, and one more thing, out of all of these random letters, there are two together that could have some significance to some of us, “BS.”

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